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    Hut trips are a great way to get out with good friends and disconnect from the world for a few days at a time. Each hut is different, but what you need to wear and bring is the same for most trips. Merino wool continues to be a fan favorite as it manages moisture through transitions and doesn't stink after multiple days of use. Read on to learn more!
    With an extensive trail system here in Steamboat Springs, we’ve been getting curious about two-wheeled winter fun. So we asked Point6 ambassador and Steamboat local David Wittlinger for a few tips on how to get started. Spoiler alert: merino wool helps!
    Did you know you can wash AND DRY your Point6 100% merino products? Read on to learn more!
    In addition to a few pairs of socks to keep your toes warm while cooking, you'll want a good knife, a great meal plan, and some time to prep before hitting the open road.

    While not all furry friends are born to chase your wheel (like Pugs), there are some dogs who are meant to shred. We have a few of those pups on the Point6 team.

    Getting started can be daunting with safety concerns for you and your pup, but we have some tips tricks and advice from the AKC on how to get started so that you too can have a happy and exhausted dog at the end of the day!

    • Wait til they're old enough
    • Learn where you can (or can't) ride with your dog
    • Get a "runner's leash"

    There's so much more. Check out the Point6 blog for the full piece co-written by Liz Cunningham and her side-kick Odee.

    Buying new ski socks seems like it should be pretty simple, right? That's until you walk into a shop or search online and discover the rabbit hole of brands, materials and product claims.
    Now, for the good stuff. John Huston's final installment on backpacking advice focuses on what we're all here for, the food.
    In John Huston's second piece, we delve into the art of the pack: what to pack, where to pack it, and when to pack it.
    Next up in our thru-hiking advice series, ten tips for first-timers from a bonafide polar explorer (Point6 ambassador, John Huston!).