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    How Point6 Essentials compare to "the other guys"...

    Today, we are shopping around in search of comfortable Merino Wool socks for a hike in our tight fitting footwear. We are looking to go a few miles so cushion under foot is the preference and tight fitting boots means a bulky sock isn't an option. The ideal sock is a light crew sock that covers our ankle and lower calf with light cushion under foot for comfort.

    This is the perfect challenge for Point6's Essential Light Crew for $11.95.

    • Colors + Sizes: Available in 5 colors and 4 sizes - Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.
    • Price: $11.95
    • Materials: Compact Spun Merino Wool 64%, Nylon 29% (for structure), and Elastic 7% (for support).
    • Returns + Warranty: Point6 offers the Point6 Promise: a 30 day return policy and Lifetime Guarantee.

    Then we started to shop around...

    ALTERNATIVE #1, we used the sock finder on one website. It was "tough" to find many options, but we did find this one:

    Men's Spur Boot Lightweight Hiking Sock - $26.00

    • Colors + Sizes: 2 color choices and 3 sizes - Medium, Large and Extra Large.
    • Price: $26.00
    • Materials: 50% Nylon, 45% Merino Wool, 5% Lycra Spandex
    • Returns + Warranty: Lifetime Guarantee

    I mean $26.00, really? That's more than 2x what Point6 believes the best Merino Wools socks should cost, and for a sock with 50% Nylon? In our business we question whether this should even be called a Merino Wool sock, just sayin'.

    ALTERNATIVE #2, we went over to the "smart" merino company to check their offering. Did you know? This brand was started by Peter and Patty Duke (the Point6 owners). This was the very first Merino wool company, the brand that kicked off the entire Merino Wool movement 30 years ago.

    Hike Classic Edition Crew Socks Light Cushion - $20.00

    • Colors + Sizes: 4 color choices and 4 sizes - Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.
    • Price: $20.00
    • Materials: 56% Merino Wool, 11% Nylon, 31% Recycled Nylon, 2% Elastane
    • Returns + Warranty: Lifetime Guarantee

    A decent sock, but we have to wonder why they're using 42% nylon? And, why would you pay $20.00 when a softer, more durable option is available for $11.95?

    For ALTERNTIVE #3, we went to Google and found this sock. The marketing writers make it sound like the "Bomb" so we checked it out.

    Men's Hiking Calf Socks - $18.00

    • Colors + Sizes: 4 color choices and 3 sizes - Medium, Large and Extra Large.
    • Price: $18.00
    • Materials: 50% Polyester, 30% Cotton (Organic), 17% Nylon, 3% Elastane
    • Returns + Warranty: unknown

      We were so thrown off by the Polyester, Cotton and Nylon, we gave up.

      In conclusion, here are our basic observations. We might sound biased, but we're just stating the obvious...

      1. Merino Wool socks should actually be made with Merino Wool.
      2. Check your labels and don't let Google trick you into buying cheaper synthetic or cotton alternatives.
      3. The Point6 Essential Light Crew socks are available in more sizes and color choices than most alternatives.
      4. All of the Lifetime Guarantees are basically the same.
      5. Point6 offering the softest, most comfortable, and most durable Merino Wool socks for just $11.95 is simply CRAZY!

      Save A Wool Lot More.™

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