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    The Original Merino.

    Before Point6, we founded the first and still, most famous brand in Merino wool. We left that company to enjoy the benefits of our hard work. But soon, we were asking ourselves, “What if we could make Merino more comfortable, longer lasting and priced so anyone could afford it?” Point6 Merino is the answer to that question.

    Compact Spinning makes our Merino a wool lot more.

    We’ve spent thirty years making Merino wool better. Here’s one innovation that’s made a huge difference: Compact Spinning. It greatly reduces loose fibers for less wear and pilling. It also creates a more compact yarn with a much softer feel. Maybe best of all, Compact Spinning makes our Merino wool 25% more durable than ring-spun yarn. Better. That’s good, right?

    Point6 Merino for Everyone, $11.95 each

    The real deal from the real deal.

    Point6 Merino is headquartered in the Rockies, where we live, work and play in our gear. We’re not venture capitalists or somewhere overseas. We’re the real deal. And when we say we want everyone to enjoy the world’s best Merino comfort, durability and performance at the price it SHOULD cost, that’s the real deal too.

    Meet The Team

    Steamboat Springs, CO + Remote

    Patty & Peter Duke, founders of Point6, chose Steamboat Springs as the place to raise their two sons and start their journey in the merino wool business. The small but mighty Steamboat & Remote teams represent marketing, accounting, and sales in addition to Peter and Patty. Here in "the boat", we are grateful to enjoy our out of office hours on hundreds of miles of trails or coming in late on a powder day at Steamboat Resort which is known for its champagne powder.

    Rossville, GA

    Our warehouse is located in Rossville, GA which is conveniently located close to Chattanooga, TN where many of our southern staff have chosen to live. Kyle, our Production Manager and Matt, our Customer Service Manager work alongside our warehouse crew of Chip, Adam, and Glen. When they're not answering calls, working with our mill, or shipping packages out, you can find them out on the local crag, strumming their guitars, or enjoying a craft brew.

    Point6 Merino for Everyone, $11.95 each

    How do we make the best impact with the least impact?

    We’ve been sustainable since before everyone said, “sustainability.” Our wool is 100% biodegradable.. And we take steps to minimize our footprint on the Earth. We demand strict environmental practices in our factories, use compostable packaging and even write our hand-written “thank you” notes on seed paper. We want your socks, and your planet, to be around for a good, long time.

    Protect Our Playgrounds

    Our products are inspired by the outdoor places we love and the adventures we experience. We are committed to do our part to protect these natural landscapes, ensuring these places remain available for future generations, and we show that commitment with donations to leading conservation groups and custom co-branded products whose proceeds benefit those very organizations. Our Wild Playground Series supports outdoor playgrounds with a portion of the proceeds benefitting each outdoor partners.