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    How to Wash + Care for Point6 Wool Socks

    More than 153 million people in the USA enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and snow sports. All those thrill seekers need good gear, like high quality Point6 merino wool socks, to keep them warm and safe. However, many people think merino wool is difficult to care for and they avoid wool because it is "too technical."

    Taking care of your merino wool socks is important and it's easy! There are just a few simple steps to follow to maintain the quality of your Point6 socks so they're always ready to keep your feet warm, dry, and safe on your next outdoor adventure.

    How Often Should I Be Washing Wool Socks?

    This is less of a matter of "when" and more of a matter of "if." Wool socks need significantly less time in your washing machine than regular everyday socks.

    As a general rule, your merino wool socks should be washed after three wears. However, you can use your discretion to decide if your socks need a wash. As your feet will sweat, especially during intense outdoor activities, it is important to keep your wool socks hygienic.

    Thankfully, Merino wool is specially designed to prevent odor from locking into your socks by transferring moisture into vapor. However, this doesn't mean they don't need to be cleaned! To get rid of bacteria and debris that could be harmful to your feet, it is important to wash them after two or three wears.

    Washing Merino Wool Socks

    Cleaning wool socks is a lot less hassle than you might imagine. Just follow these simple steps.

    If you need to wash your socks while camping and can't get to a washing machine, there are alternate ways to do this. Remember that you don't need to wash merino wool socks that often. If you're only wearing them for a few days while away from a washing machine, you don't need to worry about cleaning them.

    Washing Wool Socks: Instructions in Brief

    • Be color conscious - be careful washing your white socks with colored laundry
    • Wash in medium temperature water
    • Tumble dry on medium heat

    Use Any Water: Cool, Lukewarm or Medium Temperature

    Using cool, lukewarm or medium temperature water on a gentle or medium cycle in your washing machine is recommended. It does not have to be delicate or wool setting. When in doubt just use the regular/medium setting.

    Choose your Favorite Detergent

    Other merino wool brands tell you it's a requirement to use a specific detergent. With Point6 you can simply choose you favorite detergent and wash your socks with the rest of your laundry. Important: Never wash your socks with bleach.

    Use a Tumble Dryer on a Medium Heat

    Tumble-drying your socks on a medium temperature is safe. This will not damage the wool and is actual good for your Point6 socks.

    When you wear and wash Point6 socks they will stretch. Putting them in the dryer on medium heat helps the sock return to its true size. The sock that Point6 makes has a memory and it returns to its proper size in the dryer.

    Merino Wool Socks: What Not to Do

    • Avoid very hot water and harsh washing machine settings.
    • Avoid dry cleaning.
    • Never iron your socks.
    • Never wash with bleach.
    • Do not wash after every use.

    Do Wool Socks Need Specific Washing Instructions?

    Not really. Wool socks are easy to care for so that you can enjoy your Point6 merino wool socks for years to come.

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