not all merino is created equal

wool is mother nature's miracle fiber

There is a huge range of quality of merino wool and the Point6 team has spent over 20 years producing merino wool products and have the expertise to select only the best fibers with very tight specifications. The result is high performance merino wool whose quality, durability and comfort is unmatched.

100% compact spun yarn

is 25% more durable than traditional, ring spun yarn. It reduces pilling and wear and is never scratchy, itchy or bulky.

  • Antimicrobial, resists odor-causing bacteria.
  • Absorbs¬†moisture as a vapor but repels it as a liquid.
  • It's fine micron makes it soft and comfortable
  • Flame resistance¬†provides additional safety in the field.
  • Regulates your body's temperature, keeps you cool when it's hot and hot when it's cool.
  • Breathability helping manage temperature and moisture.
  • Durability, long lasting and resists pilling
  • Easy Care.

point6 merino wool journey

Develop Meaningful Products

We are constantly evaluating the life cycle of our products from beginning to end. From sourcing our raw materials, care of the animals and care for the farmers, to creating efficiencies in manufacturing processes and recycling efforts, we strive to take better care of our customers and make products that positively impact our world.

New Zealand merino wool

Point6 has developed direct relationships with merino wool farmers in New Zealand. These farmers hand-select wool for Point6 according to strict fiber specifications. Our sheep are raised according to the highest standards of animal welfare with ample food, comfort and shelter provided in a disease and distress-free environment.

merino wool processing

Our wool goes through the process of being cleaned, combed, spun and died in a sustainable way. Our suppliers use renewable energy, are on a constant quest to preserve clean air and water and direct their investments toward equitable environmental balance in all they do. We use the highest stardard of wool processing, eliminating the use of toxic chemicals in the cleaning process.

Made in USA

All Point6 socks are manufactured in the Southeastern United States, where we support domestic employees and communities. Point6 designs and tests its performance sock line in the Rocky Mountains, near its headquarters in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Recycling Program

We are fortunate to live in our favorite outdoor playground! We believe that we are all stewards of our environment. We have set up a program to recycle and repurpose all of our products into disaster relief blankets at the end of their life.

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