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    Point6 Pro Purchase Program

    Ben Duke Media


    We are in the process of developing our in house Pro Deal Program and expect it to be available by Summer 2021. If you are employed in one of the following industries listed below, then you may be eligible for a discount on our products! Please email pro@point6.com with your name and associated industry, and we will inform you when the program officially launches so that you can apply.

    • Industry Professionals: Individuals who work for outdoor equipment manufacturers, retail, and other outdoor industry companies.
    • Outdoor Professionals: Licensed or paid outdoor guides and instructors. Examples include Professional Ski & Snowboard Instructors & Ski Patrol.
    • Media: Individuals and organizations in the broadcast, digital, print, or film industries related to the outdoors and the environment.
    • Outdoor Education/Non-Profits: Organizations that actively serve in the outdoors or support environmental/outdoor related causes.
    • Government: Employees who serve in local and national government agencies who actively work in the outdoors. Examples include: Avalanche Professionals, Search and Rescue, Military & Forest Service.
    • Authorized Retail Staff: Current employees of wholesale independent distributors who actively sell Point6 product in the United States.