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    How To Pick the Perfect Hiking Sock

    Hiking Sock


    Don’t spend days/months/forever deciding on the perfect shoe while forgetting that the right sock choice could make or break your next adventure.


    Touring the downtown scene or core trail? You aren’t scaling any peaks but it is an August sun and you want to be comfortable on your feet for several hours. Go for some ultra light or extra light cushioning. You can’t go wrong with any of our sock heights and merino wool will wick away any moisture you build up. Give it a whirl: 37.5 Ghost Runner Ultra Light No Show or 37.5 Colorado Ultra Light Cushion Crew.


    Have a day pack, a full Nalgene, and a morning in the mountains? You’re building up mileage and gaining elevation but you’re still in a lightweight shoe and want to keep it simple. Time to move up to the Extra Light Cushion and ditch the no-shows. Go for: 37.5 Finish Line Extra Light Mini Crew or 37.5 Taos II Extra Light Cushion ¾ Crew.


    Packing it in for a few nights? Here’s where your sock choice gets even more important. You have a heavy pack, sturdy boots or a grippy trail shoe, and a few days of travel ahead of you. Your feet matter. Time to move into the 37.5 Hiking Essential Light or 37.5 Medium Cushion Crew. Plus with the quick-dry, no-stink, blister-free Point6 advantage, you can re-wear these and lighten that load. We promise.


    Stay safe, stay dry, and be kind to your feet.