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    What is 100% Merino Wool Yarn?

    A lot SHOULD change in the thirty years since we introduced merino wool to the world. At Point6, a lot has. And, we feel a responsibility to keep making our products better—and that includes using compact spinning and 100% merino wool yarn in all our socks and apparel. When we say 100% Merino Wool let's talk about what that means in the apparel industry.

    What Is Merino Wool?

    Merino wool is wool from merino sheep. Merino sheep are a breed of sheep that are known especially for their soft, fine wool. The wool of a merino sheep helps them remain cool during the brutal heat of summer, and then they grow an outer layer of wool to make it through punishing winters.

    Merino sheep are a naturally occurring species, not hybridized or made in a laboratory. They are a great example of nature's ability to adapt an organism to meet the demands of their environments and because of this special quality, we can use this material to help protect our bodies in a similar fashion.

    Merino vs. Non Merino Wool

    Wool, in general, is any wool that comes from sheep that isn’t specific to a breed. That’s a very broad explanation, but we'd say those prickly, itchy wool sweaters and socks we got as gifts as a kids would definitely fall into the category of “regular wool”.

    By its very nature all sheep wool is warm. Wool maintains its insulating properties when it's wet and it wicks moisture. Wool can absorb nearly a third of its weight in water without becoming damp to the touch. And with its high temperature tolerance, wool is flame and fire resistant. Wool is commonly used in tactical clothing and uniforms for military and firefighters.

    Wool is also a sustainable material because it grows naturally. Merino sheep are generally shaven once per year in spring (August) in New Zealand and Australia.

    Most wool clothing you find online and in stores is not Merino Wool and "cheap" products described as merino are, well, cheaper because the brand often blends merino wool with lesser quality materials in order to reduce the production cost of the socks. Be careful to read your product labels very closely.

    Regular wool a nice natural insulator, it's just simply not as soft, as comfortable nor as durable as Merino Wool.

    What is 100% Merino Wool Yarn?

    In order to make merino wool socks, wool is spun into yarn and the yarn is woven into a sock structure. Point6 merino wool is particularly high-quality because we only use Compact Spun yarn. Compact spinning increases the number of air pockets in the yarn which provides for superior temperature regulating capability and reduces the number of loose fibers (or fuzzies) on the sock which helps cut down on unraveling and surface failure.

    Not only is compact spun yarn important, but Point6 does not blend our merino wool with any other wool or synthetic materials during the spinning process. This means the fabric against your skin is 100% merino wool, the softest and most comfortable wool on the market.

    As mentioned above, most wool clothing you'll find online and in stores is not 100% Merino Wool. Some brands will blend merino wool with other materials when making the yarn in order to reduce the production cost of the socks. Read the label closely and you'll see some products have as little as 25-30% merino wool. Be careful and read the product labels very closely.

    Infographic showing a Merino Wool fiber and the benefits associated with its inner and outer …

    What is the "structure" of the sock?

    The sock structure is the interior "matrix" or skeleton of the sock. The structure is the gridded pattern upon which the merino wool yarn is woven. Point6 merino wool socks feature some very heavy-duty structural elements, including high-impact protection via nylon reinforcements in the heel and toe areas and in-step ventilation for increased breathability around the whole foot.

    The structure of a sock is not made of merino wool. Wool is not strong enough to provide a durable, long lasting product nor the features that Point6 has designed to maximize the comfort and performance of our merino wool apparel and socks.

    The bottom line.

    We have been making merino wool socks and apparel for over 30 years. We are The Original Merino. The facts:

    1. Point6 only uses compact spun yarn made from 100% merino wool.
    2. The end result is that our Point6 products are the softest, most comfortable and longest lasting merino wool in the world.
    3. Lastly, other products might call themselves "merino", but read the label closely to ensure you're getting exactly the quality and construction you expect.

    Not sure what to do? Give us a call or shoot us an email. Our customer service team is knowledgeable, ready to answer all your questions, and can make product recommendations based on your individual needs.

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