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    The Original Merino™: Meet Peter and Patty Duke

    Thirty years ago, Peter and Patty Duke co-founded the most famous merino wool brand in the world from their garage in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Their mission: solve the problem of cold feet and "leaky boots".

    Little did they know that business would launch an entire industry. Today, it's difficult to find an outdoor enthusiast not wearing merino wool socks or base layers.

    The pair went on to start Point6 with new techniques and technology that reshaped the comfort, performance and durability of merino wool. We believe:

    Quality Merino should cost less. And, affordable Merino should be the best. Now, both are true.

    Enjoy the Dukes’ story and how it all started in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.


    Point6 Merino for Everyone, $11.95 each