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    Use Merino Wool During Hunting Season

    hunter tying boots with bow in background

    With a value of $458.14 million as of 2021, merino wool is currently in high demand in the outdoor wear market. It's a great material for people looking to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

    The spring hunting season is already here, increasing the need for appropriate hunting gear. Among the most important clothing items you should wear are good merino hunting socks. The right pair of hunting socks should give you the support and comfort you need to enjoy the outdoor experience all day, no matter the conditions.

    Merino wool is one of the best materials for hunting socks since it has natural insulating and antimicrobial properties. As you choose your next pair of merino socks to use on your next hunting adventure, here's everything to consider.

    Properties and Benefits of Merino Wool Hunting Socks

    Merino wool stands out from other types of wool for various reasons. Let's dive into the properties and benefits of this material below.

    Temperature Regulation

    Merino wool features a coiled or crimpled structure. Due to this structure, it features small air pockets that offer insulation.

    The insulating effect can work both ways, it prevents heat loss and offers warmth. The air pockets trap air, creating a barrier against outside temperature, while the fibers themselves allow unnecessary heat to dissipate. This movement of air allows the fiber to maintain a perfect body temperature, despite outside environmental influence. 

    Moisture Absorbing 

    The crimps in the wool fiber can absorb moisture from your skin. This way, your feet stay dry and comfortable throughout your hunting adventure. Hunting socks made from merino wool are highly breathable and help move moisture away from the body through evaporation. 


    Besides absorbing moisture and regulating temperature, merino wool is antimicrobial. The antimicrobial properties prevent the material from holding any odor or microorganisms that can cause infections when the skin is irritated

    Protection Against UV Rays

    Since merino wool is naturally lightweight, you can comfortably wear merino goods in all conditions, summer or winter. It also boasts high UV resistance, protecting you from sunburn. 

    Durability and Wrinkle Resistance

    Merino wool is very durable, but like all natural fibers it will break down in high wear situations. We usecompact spun yarns in all our goods, which allows them to be 25% more durable than ring spun fibers. So, you can wear clothing or socks with a higher wool content and they will last much longer than traditional wool goods. 

    Under a microscope, the tiny wool fibers resemble a tight-coiled spring. The fiber crimp recoils back to shape when pulled on. With this level of elasticity, the material can stretch widely without discomfort or forming wrinkles. 

    How these Hunting Socks Compare to Others

    If you plan to get a new pair of good-quality hunting socks, you may want to know how it compares to others. In this case, let's compare it to socks made from cotton, cashmere, alpaca, and yak wool below:


    Both cashmere and merino wool are warm. The major difference is that cashmere is more fragile, it is more prone to shrinkage and pilling than Merino wool.


    Merino wool is more comfortable to wear on the feet since it has finer fiber than alpaca. It is less textured and softer, making it great for all day hunting trips. Also, although the alpaca fiber is warm, its thermoregulation properties are nothing compared to merino wool.

    Sheep Wool

    Unlike other sheep wool, merino wool is more flexible and finer. Merino socks are more comfortable and cause less skin irritation.

    Polyester and Nylon

    The key difference between polyester or nylon when worn next to skin, is its ability to move moisture. Although Polyester and Nylon both “wick” moisture away from the body, they do not encourage evaporation. Instead they hold onto the moisture, causing the body to think it is wet and stop sweating. Merino on the other hand, absorbs the moisture and converts it into a vapor encouraging the evaporation process. This allows for the material to dry faster and the body to continue its process of sweating and cooling itself down. This will keep you warmer by not holding moisture next to your skin, and cool by assisting your body in regulating its own temperature. 


    Merino wool absorbs and evaporates water better than cotton. It is also suitable for repeat wear, unlike cotton, which is not antimicrobial and does not repel odor.

    How to Choose the Right Pair of Hunting Socks

    Certain factors are important when looking to buy hunting socks made of Merino wool. These factors include cushioning, height, size, pattern, and color. With that said, here are the tips that'll help you choose the right pair:

    Select the Perfect Cushioning and Weight Combo

    The combination of cushioning and yarn weight affect the performance and feel of the sock. At Point6, we have 4 basic cushioning levels and 5 weights. When combined, they present a wide range of options.

    Terry loops on the sock help create the cushioning. As such, the cushioning offers protection from shock and impact.

    The standard cushioning levels at Point6 include (ultra light) no cushion, (extra light) heel and toe cushion, (light) foot cushion, and (medium and heavy) full cushion on the entire foot and calf. 

    The ultra light socks are thin with no cushion on any part of the sock. Extra light socks have light terry looping on the heel and toe of the sock. Light cushion utilizes the same placement as the extra light, but has double the amount of terry looping. Medium and Heavy socks have terry looping throughout the entire sock, with heavy socks having twice the looping as medium. 

    Pick Your Sock Height

    Always think about the right sock height for your activity and footwear. Consider your height, too, when choosing the socks. The height options for hunting socks at Point6 include crew, mid-calf, and over-the-calf (OTC)

    Find the Right Size, Patterns, and Color

    Choose the right size of hunting socks to prevent foot fatigue. Point6 knits socks that closely hug the feet for comfort.

    The color and pattern options will depend on your preferences. But more muted colors are perfect for hunting.

    Consider Your Footwear

    Your footwear should match the activity you planned for the day. It should also suit the weather conditions and temperature to improve comfort.

    The same applies to your choice of hunting socks. Ideally you think about your boots and socks as a system; If you are going to wear heavy cold-weather boots, carry a few weights of socks to pair with them depending on the weather. A heavier sock may seem great on a very cold day, but it might be too warm when you're moving, bringing along a lighter sock to move in, and a heavier sock to sleep in means you will have all your bases covered. 

    Care Requirements

    Our merino wool Hunting socks are easy to care for and clean. You can machine wash them in cold or cool water with the rest of your clothing. Use mild detergent and dry on low heat. 

    If you want to wash the socks by hand, ensure that the sink is clean. Use a mild detergent mixed in cool water to do the washing.

    Lay the socks flat on a towel and roll up the towel to get rid of excess moisture. You can also hang them on a clothing line and let them dry in the sun.

    Looking for Merino Wool Socks?

    The right pair of hunting socks can make your hunting expeditions comfortable. While choosing them, consider the weather conditions, foot wear, size, and cushioning. 

    Make Point6 your go-to for Merino wool socks. Check out our dealer locator to find a store near you today.