Life on Denali: Women's speed record set

June 27, 2017

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Out and On Point: Jup Brown visits Mt. Baldy and Joshua Tree National Park

Out and On Point: Jup Brown visits Mt. Baldy and Joshua Tree National Park

May 17, 2017

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My Socks are Made of Volcanic Ash. Yours?

February 01, 2017

Let me change your life today and introduce you to my feet’s new best friend, Point6. I can wear one pair of socks for a week, and they smell like a bed of flowers. In fact, after a number of product tests, Point6 socks dry 39% faster than what you are wearing today! Furthermore, my Point6 socks feel like I just bought them off the rack at REI for the first time - soft and smooth, just like they should be!

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37.5 Preview from P6 Ambassador GR Fielding

January 19, 2017

Point6 ambassadors help us out by testing new technology and giving us feedback. Ambassador GR Fielding tried out our new socks powered by 37.5 technology, and he was impressed. 

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Rachel Pohl's Go-to socks: Point6 with 37.5 quick-dry tech

January 16, 2017

Point6 ambassador Rachel Pohl has certainly put our new line of socks with 37.5 Quick Dry Tech to the test...and they passed!

"Most importantly, the socks are unparalleled in their moisture wicking ability. My feet have never been soggy in the 37.5s, even with high output activities on warm days."


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Playground Stories: Mountain Photographer

January 16, 2017

"These socks do the best job keeping my feet warm in my ski boots while standing on the side of a mountain or working my around a slope to find the best angle. While mountain biking I don’t like to wear any other sock!"

Photographer Alex Sullivan has to endure some grueling conditions to get the perfect sock. See how Point6 socks help her capture that perfect moment!

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Anish Hikes the Arizona Trail

January 16, 2017

Point6 Ambassador Heather "Anish" Anderson recently completed the Arizona Trail in a self-supported, Fastest-Known-Time of 19 days 17 hours and 9 minutes. This was two days faster than the previous self-supported record. Read about her journey through one of our newest National Scenic Trails.


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Playground Stories: PCT in the Hike Tech

October 12, 2016

Great customer review of the Hiking Tech Medium Crew socks on the PCT:

"In northern Washington, I'd look forward to putting these socks on in the evening when temps dropped. I had the same pair of socks the whole hike. Other socks came and went, but this pair I carried the whole hike."point6-pacific-crest-trail-hiking-socks

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Playground Stories: Olympic National Park

October 11, 2016

Point6 customers Alex (@the_professional_amateur) and Laura (@L_Boogie253) grabbed their socks and took a trip to beautiful Olympic National Park. They shared some great pictures, and a little blurb about their trip.

"Having these Point6 socks that I know will hold up on the cold, sandy, muddy and wet Washington coast made this last trip we made that much easier on me. My feet stayed perfectly comfortable, even in brand new boots!"

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Playground Stories: Heart Surgery to Ultras

October 10, 2016

Point6 customer Nate Smith (@nate_fsmith) shared an inspiring story with us about his journey to finish his first ultra marathon in September.

"I know it sounds lame to go from heart surgery to socks, but it's all part of the journey.  With the willingness of Point6 to help me get there, it made me feel like they cared about each individual that buys their socks, not just about making money. It's about the journey and how each person gets there. Point6 does their part, by taking care of your feet in a muddy, cold ultra marathon."

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Heather Gollnick: Spartan Racer

September 29, 2016

I absolutely have to have my Point6 socks. Your feet are getting wet, then you are climbing and descending a mountain and you want to have the confidence that your feet wont blister. Point6 socks give me the comfort and protection I need no matter what the elements are like.

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Thank you for your support, Point6

September 12, 2016

Last week we shared an e-mail from Quoc Nguyen, a.k.a. thru-hiker "Double Magic." We were surprised to see a post about us on his own blog,, detailing the trip to our office from his point of view, including meeting our very own "Mr. Socks Dude."



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