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    Why You Need A Sock Tough Enough For A Thru-Hiker

    Why You Need A Sock Tough Enough For A Thru-Hiker

    Heather Anderson


    (Steamboat Springs, CO) - When it comes to hiking gear, there's no more demanding a customer than a thru-hiker.

    Thru-hikers tackling a goal like the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, or Continental Divide Trail scrutinize every single piece of gear they carry, looking for even the smallest improvements in dependability and performance.

    These are our people. Point6 has four long-distance hiking ambassadors and we lean on them for design input on everything from materials to sock heights. And they have a LOT of opinions.

    With their help, Point6 is leading the way in the evolution of the merino wool movement. We have created superior wool socks with increased longevity that will perform on a thru hiker or a mellow walk in the woods.

    It starts with our carefully-selected merino wool. Point6 has developed direct relationships with merino wool farmers in New Zealand on family-run sheep stations. These farmers hand-select wool for Point6 according to strict fiber specifications.

    The wool is washed and processed to the industry's highest levels of environmental responsibility, then knit and finished in the USA.

    • 25% More Durable - We make the only socks knit with compact spun wool, resulting in less bulk, softer feel & industry-leading durability. This means our socks will survive a 2000 mile hike and they also won’t give you blisters on an urban adventure.
    • 40% Quicker To Dry - Dry feet are happy feet. Third-party testing proves that Point6 wins in breathability, thermoregulation and evaporation speed. So don’t fear the forecast.
    • 100% Fewer Chemicals - We are the only brand that does not use Chlorine to clean wool. Instead we use a clean process called Naturetexx®.Don’t worry about toxic chemicals next to your skin on a long, hot hike. 

    Point6 Ambassador Heather "Anish" Anderson is a thru-hiker, author, and speaker who has completed 13 thru-hikes since 2003, establishing some FKT records (Fastest Known Time) in the process.

    "Since making the switch to Point6 on my long distance hikes, I've experienced a reduction of blisters, improvement in foot hygiene, and better thermoregulation while hiking", she says. "I carry an extra pair just for sleeping in and that soft wool is pure luxury after a long day on my feet!"

    All Point6 socks feature the performance and durability Anish needs, which means they'll be ready when you head out this spring.

    Point6 socks, base layers and accessories have a lifetime guarantee.

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    The best socks for you and the planet

    From day 1, we set out to make the best socks on Earth. We guarantee our socks perform in any condition, last a lifetime, and adhere to the highest standards of sustainability because we invest where others don’t. Point6 socks are made right here in the U.S.A. using state of the art, sustainable technology.


    Designed for you

    Over 4 decades of experience has enabled us to create the most comfortable and durable socks you'll ever wear. Guaranteed. Our goal is to make these the last socks you'll ever need.


    Designed for our planet

    We do just about everything differently: from fair trade practices with family farmers, to eliminating chemicals from the wool process, to donating to leading conservation groups. We take protecting our environment seriously.