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    Road Snacks: #Vanlife Culinary Essentials


    Over the last year, we’ve seen an insurgence of outdoor enthusiasts hit the road to explore this beautiful country of ours. For most of last year, the only place to “safely” gather was outside. And many took to the open road in their campers, trailers or vans with flexible work schedules, remote “offices”, or due to unemployment. 

    There are endless blogs with information on how to choose your van, options for van layouts and build outs, electrical and plumbing information, where to camp for free, and where to go. 

    Did you know that the hashtag #vanlife has been tagged over 6 million times on instagram? So you can find something on anything out there in the world of #vanlife. 

    Here at Point6, we love a good outdoor adventure. Let’s face it, we make products to keep your temperature regulated in all activities from head to toe! Not much is better than a comfortable pair of socks that keep your feet dry through it all. However, good snacks and food to fuel your adventure may be a close second. So for that, we catch up with Liz Cunningham, in house marketing coordinator here at Point6, and food aficionado; who travels in a van over long weekend camping trips and the occasional 10-day road trip. She’s going to share the secrets to good food on the road...because food is fuel.

     #vanlife cooking

    Prep Your Kitchen- There are three key ingredients to set yourself up for success in your mobile kitchen: 

    1. Good cookware including good utensils and a premium knife - I have a cast iron wok because I do a lot stir frys & it’s easy to clean.
    2. Running water for ease of dishwashing.
    3. A cooler or fridge for keeping it all from going bad.

    Prep Your Food - There is limited room both in your vehicle and in your fridge/cooler so it's important to not waste space with unnecessary packaging or inedible parts of your food like stems.

    1. Build your meal plan
    2. Plan/Prep realistically for 4-5 days of fresh ingredients
    3. Shop
    4. Chop, pre-cook, pack


    1. Dry storage
    2. Fridge

    Prepping the meal!

    Ideas for each meal of the day!

    1. But first, coffee - Check out Treeline Coffee for tips on all brewing techniques  HERE.
    2. Breakfast - Oatmeal bowls - quick oats, apples (easy to cut), flax, hemp, PB, nuts, blueberries, &/or bananas.
    3. Lunch - Pre-made salad bags (easy to find anywhere), add tuna, rotisserie chicken, or already baked tofu.
    4. Dinner - Kevin’s "Heat & Eat" entrees, Fontero mexican style bagged meals, seeds of change rice (non perishable), pre-cut fresh veggies.
    Breakfast with a view!Salad with a twist!Dinner in a wok!