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What an exciting time of year! The anxiety grows and some go and ski on strips of white at resorts. Others go and slide on thin bases just above the grass and rocks. Still more go and climb to great lengths to find snowfields and glaciers newly covered with the first snows of the season. I know I've been guilty of all three. 
This year Colorado has been experiencing a uniquely warm fall. It's extended our hiking and biking seasons considerably here in the Roaring Fork Valley (which extends from Independence Pass east of Aspen to Glenwood Springs along the Colorado River). I've elected to stay on the pedals this year and am eagerly awaiting my first turns of the 14/15 season. This year will be unique as I'll be bringing my 2 1/2 year old daughter with me to the mountains to get her first real days on skis this year. I'm not really sure who is more anxious.
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Getting and staying in shape this time of year can be difficult in the mountains as one season winds down, good micro brews are available, harvest dinners offer packed plates and we wait for the snow to pile high so we can play in the peaks. To keep warm I've been wearing my Point6 Over the Calf socks to try and fend off the cold mornings.  Bike rides have been started in the 30s a few times this season and with some of the local downhills riding fast, speeds can get well above 20mph. If you find yourself in Aspen Snowmass this winter, look for a guy with Point6 stickers on his skis and helmet, say hello and let's go have some fun in the snow. I'm looking forward to announcing some events around Aspen such as the Kick Aspen Big Air, the junior Freeride and few more that have yet to be announced. You can also bet we'll be out having some fun shooting for next years catalogs, brochures, and trying to capture the vibe that makes the mountains so fun.
Pray for snow! 

Stacia Betley
Stacia Betley


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