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    Running the Grand Canyon - Heather Gollnick

    Point6 socks help to tackle one of ultra running’s true rites of passage, running the Grand Canyon from Rim2Rim2Rim! Point6 Ambassador, Heather Gollnick and friends began their adventure in the wee hours of the morning heading down the south rim navigating the bright Angel Trail with head lamps lighting the way.  

    Heather states, "We took it pretty easy until the most epic sunrise lit up this amazing system of trails well enough to start running at a good clip.  When we started we didn't know what to expect or where we were - then the sun rose to unveil the magnificence that is the GRAND CANYON.


    It’s been stated that Life is about the moments that take your breath away – we were experiencing one first hand.

    We made our way down to the valley floor where we started to see others, mostly hikers who had camped at one of the halfway points overnight.  The south rim starts at 7,000 feet and the bottom is approximately 2,600 feet.

    The trail was very manageable running but we took our time with water and photo stops and encountered a myriad of varying dynamics along the way including big (huge) hills, heat, cold, altitude and incredible scenery. After crossing the valley floor our journey took us up the north rim which climaxes at 8,000+ feet.  We were able to run most of the trail until one very steep section which encompassed the last 2 (ish) miles.  We celebrated at the top, took a break, and I was very fortunate I had no blisters and my feet were in great shape...  THANK YOU POINT 6!!! 


    We looked at our watches and decided not to linger too long as we needed to make it back to the bottom of south rim before dark.  It was incredible to watch the sun start to set as we ran along the Colorado River meandering our way back toward the south rim.  The sunset itself was truly unbelievable and I was particularly mesmerized watching flashes of lights move back and forth across the mountain and cliffs once the sun had set."

    What an incredible adventure! 47.8 of the most amazing miles I have ever covered, and happy feet the whole way! Point6...You Rock!"