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    Adam Roberts Skier

    "This year was not the best winter for most people in the Pacific Northwest. However, I was lucky enough and willing enough to have the time and energy to find the snow. My ski season started in early October, getting some turns up on Mt. Baker.  This is always the most exciting time of year, waiting for the snow to really build up.  We had a few good early days in December but there was definitely a lack of snow.  


    I headed to Japan for three weeks in January.  As the photos show, Japan gets snow, lots of snow.  The best part is it's cold snow, all the way down to the ocean.  We managed to find fresh powder everyday, but had to work for it. We only spent three days in the resort and the rest of our time was spent touring.  We had about 10 days of sun, which is a lot considering January is the snowiest time of year.


    When I got back to Washington state the snow pack was worse than when I left.  The weather never really lined up.  We would get a few inches of rain in a week and then sun for a week, and then rain again. I spent a bit of time back at the resort where I grew up, White Pass ski resort, cruising the lifts and getting my ski legs back under me.

    By the time March arrived it was full July skiing.  I spent the next month hiking and skiing a lot of lines that I would normally ski in the summer, finding great corn.  

    April came and brought the snow we wanted all season,  I skied 20 plus days of powder.  This almost made up for the last two months of no snow.  I had a lot of great days in the Backcountry skiing with friends and was also able to get up on Mt. Shuksan to ski a few lines. 


    In May, we have had a great start to some good corn skiing.  I am looking forward to the rest of May and June to get up on some of the big Volcanoes we have out here in the PNW."

    Great photos by Jason Hummel and Rylan Schoen! Learn more about Adam Roberts below: