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    100 Pitch Birthday Challenge

    Happy Belated Birthday to Point6 Ambassadors Ooan and Add Kongsingh! Thai climbers and twin brothers celebrate their birthday by climbing 100 pitches each!



    "We love climbing, it’s just that simple!  I remember after Add and I watched Alex Honnold’s birthday challenge (where he climbs 290 pitches) we became so inspired! I told my brother Add,  "We should do something like this man, without the free soloing ahh!” So we decided to do our own birthday challenge and climb 100 pitches each within a day at our home crag in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 


    We got up at 4 in the morning just like an alpine start, after a hour of driving to the crag we started climbing at 6.30 am. The routes we climbed for this challenge were not harder than 6a+ (US grade 5.10c) but the big challenge on this day was to climb 100 pitches under extreme conditions. The temperature was 40 degrees Celsius (104 F) and super humid. When we began climbing we weren't sure that we were going to make it and that we would survive the heat!




    The challenge was completed far after dusk.

    Always dream big and go after your dreams because at the end everything is possible!

    Cheers! Twin boys!"