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    Ambassadors Heather Gollnick's Sock Collection...

    A sock for every season! As a professional triathlete and 5x Ironman champion, Ambassador Heather Gollnick thinks making the decision of which sock matches her “inner athlete” on any particular day is an important call - thankfully she thinks Point6 makes it easy.

    "On a ski day I may have a few different choices: First, I wear the Ski Enzian sock for skinning up Mt. Werner with one of my besties Amanda or Lisa Renee!

    Second, The Ski Pro - lipstick for skiing with my family!


    Third, the “Wild Child” (Skulls :) for days on my own, I may only have a small window to ski and want to tear it up and skulls always fit the bill!

    The running socks with more choices has a tendency to be more difficult:

    First, you need to “match the outfit” - second, if its a mud day then going with the active light micro or stealth extra light is a wise option. And of course everyone knows that flowers work best for “speed” days when I’m feeling fast and light on my feet so that means I reach for the Wildflower Sock or Katie Ultra Light.



    The cycling socks (also great for other activities) are an easier choice - my “go to sock” that I always grab and one of my clear Point6 favorites is the Coolorado (Coolrado branded) sock, but deep down its good to know that any of these great options will keep me warm on the chilly rides this Spring. Again, its all about matching outfits so Point6 gives me plenty of great options, the Piston in black when I wear my black/ white Rudy Project Kit and the Contender in gray/sky when I wear our IronEdge Triathlon Team Kit, also our Team sock for 2015!"

    - Heather Gollnick