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    Liz Cunningham - Marketing Coordinator

    Ben Duke Media

    Explain what your role at point6 is…

    Helping Lib with all things marketing! 


    Favorite point6 socks? Why?

    Summer: Contender II - They are the perfect mountain bike sock with a little pop of color and no cushion which is what I prefer for biking socks.

    Winter: Mixed Stripe medium cushion. Perfect for cool to cold days and keeping toes toasty inside the house. They fit well in all my casual winter boots and slippers too!


    Favorite thing to do while wearing them? 

    All of the things! With socks in every weight and height, I wear them all year round for every day use and all activities.


    Favorite inspirational quote? 

    “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”

    – Mark Twain


    Favorite local spot to wear your point6 socks?

    Steamboat Mountain Resort


    When you leave the point6 office, what are you up to?

    Cooking dinner, hanging with Ben and Odee, or heading out for a run or a ride


    If you could take your point6 socks anywhere in the world where would you go? 

    While I have a long list of places that I would like to go, I would take them to New Zealand because I have never been and I could say thank you to the sheep!


    Favorite bit of wool trivia...

    A merino sheep can produce up to 227 lbs of wool in its lifetime.