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    dina murray : finance

    Explain what your role at point6 is…
    Tribal Sheep Counter

    Favorite point6 socks?
    Hard to choose, but I do love the lifestyle socks because I get to enjoy a perfect fit and comfort every single day.

    Favorite thing to do while wearing them?
    Snowshoeing, Hiking and the aforementioned daily enjoyment while at work or hanging out at home.

    Favorite inspirational quote?
    'Team' is a beautiful human experience, if done correctly. - Jim Sinegal

    Favorite local spot to wear your point6 socks?
    Snowshoeing through the aspen flats on top of the pine grove trail in the Flattops Wilderness Area.

    When you leave the point6 office, what are you up to?
    Walking my dogs Brady and Moose, trying to keep track of my 16 and 20 year old sons, and supporting the arts in Steamboat Springs in its many forms.

    If you could take your point6 socks anywhere in the world where would you go?
    Costa Rica, Italy, Greece, France and New Zealand. I'd show them the world.

    Favorite bit of wool trivia…
    Wool is flame and mildew resistant and it's a temperature regulator in cold and warm conditions. Wool helps reduce the heart rate when you sleep and it's useful in alleviating allergies and arthritis symptoms.