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    Ski Socks and How to Buy Them

    Ski Socks and How to Buy Them

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    Buying new ski socks seems like it should be pretty simple, right? That's until you walk into a shop or search online and discover the rabbit hole of brands, materials and product claims.

    The good news is that it can be simple, if you know a few things to look for ahead of time.


    1) How Thick Should They Be?

    That depends on how tight your boot is. A thick sock in a snug boot results in too tight a fit and a cold foot.

    We tend to think that a thicker sock is warmer, but the real key is keeping your foot dry. Sweaty feet get cold much sooner.

    Pro Tip: bring your boots to the shop when you try on socks to make sure they play nice together.


    2) How Tightly Should They Fit?

    Snug, but comfortable, especially around the ankle area, where poorly-designed socks can stretch and cause annoying wrinkles.

    Pay close attention to how the sock is designed. Look for arch support, ventilation panels, a non-binding top, etc.

    And as any good boot-fitter will tell you, if the sock is contracting your toes, it's too tight.


    3) What's The Best Material?

    We recommend at least 60% merino wool, always.

    • Merino absorbs and moves moisture better than any synthetic (see charts below).
    • It regulates body temperature, keeping your feet more comfortable.
    • Merino wool doesn't itch and it doesn't retain odor like synthetic socks.

    Pro Tip: Not all merino is created equal. There is a huge range in the quality of merino wool out there, so read the fine print. We source ours from carefully-selected farms in New Zealand.


    4) How Much Should I Spend?

    Premium, well-designed merino wool socks are usually around $30 a pair. If that gives you sticker shock, remember that they will last much longer and perform better over their life span vs. cheaper ones.

    Time on the hill is precious. Don't do it with cold, uncomfortable feet.

    Pro Tip: Look for a lifetime guarantee.

    Check out some of our favorite Ski Socks

     Ben Duke Photography - Lace Ultra Light OTC


    The Stats Don't Lie


    We had 3rd party ‘Inside Climate’ put our socks to the test against a competitor, and the results were overwhelming. Point6 wins in breathability, thermoregulation and evaporation speed.

    Point6 37.5 Merino Wool Socks Beat Competitors


    Peter and Patty Duke founded Point6 in Steamboat after decades of teaching skiing at resorts in Vermont and Colorado. Being a ski instructor means hours on your feet in all kinds of weather. After doing so in socks that didn't cut it, they started making their own. And here we are - a family-owned company which treats all employees and partners as unique and valuable members of the team.