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    Thank you for your support, Point6

    Last week we shared an e-mail from Quoc Nguyen, a.k.a. thru-hiker "Double Magic." We were surprised to see a post about us on his own blog, quackquackcolorado.com, detailing the trip to our office from his point of view, including meeting our very own "Mr. Socks Dude."



    "Immediately after getting dropped off at the McDonald’s in Steamboat Springs, CO, I ran into a dude from Point6 cycling to work. He was able to recognize hiker trash of the CDT kind and extended me an invite to the company’s office. I happily accepted.

    As I was browsing the selection of socks showcased in Point6’s office, Mr. Socks dude went to the secret vault, came back, and slapped some socks on the table. My heart began to race. My eyes went full Smeagol. I started drooling. In front of me were Point6’s latest ultralight wool socks! Not even on the market yet. And check out dem colors!! I had to have. Mr. Socks offered that I take them on a test drive. Absolutely!


    Thank you so much, Point6, for your support on the CDT and also the GDT!!"


    Quoc has already finished the Triple Crown in thru-hiking, is about to finish the Great Divide Trail, and about to head onto the Pacific Northwest Trail! We wish him the best of luck!