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    Playground Stories: Double Magic hikes the CDT

    We are lucky enough to have our offices located just off the Continental Divide Trail. We often run into CDT hikers taking a break to see Steamboat. One of these hikers was Double Magic, a.k.a. Quoc Nguyen who was hiking the trail in different socks, but agreed to give ours a try. He sent us this e-mail a few weeks later...



    "I wanted to let you know that after 8,500 miles of wearing Darn Tough, I'm converted! These Point6 socks you provided me are so much better than what I was wearing and will be my hiking socks from now on!


    "The Point6 socks lasted as long as the Darn Tough 1/4 cushion (they actually lasted a bit longer, but one sample isn't enough to say conclusively). I generally carry only two pairs of socks and blow holes in them at 500 miles but still wear them another 100-200 miles until I replace them with my shoes. The Point6 socks lasted just shy of 600 miles at the typical spots.


    "I have to admit, I'm pretty surprised at the results because I've tried Darn Tough's ultralight socks once before, and they didn't last that long."


    "Overall, the Point6 socks are lighter and last a long time - exactly what I was hoping for."




    Double Magic has now finished the CDT, which completes his Triple Crown of thru-hiking...over 10,000 miles! He is now on to the Great Divide Trail. Follow along with his journeys at quackquackcolorado.com, including more of what he thought about his trip to our office and meeting our Operations manager, a.k.a. "Mr. Socks!"