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    My Socks are Made of Volcanic Ash. Yours?

    By Quinn Kenall, J.D. Experticity (originally published on LinkedIn)

    "I’m going to be honest here, I cannot stand one more day of my colleague’s smelly feet! He wears these leather boots that make his feet a little moist and before you know it, 2:00 pm comes around and it smells... bad.

    Are you feeling my drift? You know that forsaken moment when you take off your non-breathable shoes after work and they smell awful? Feel moist?

    Or, what about when you buy the comfiest socks that stay comfy for day 1, 2 and 3? And then become your least favorite part of your attire day 4 and beyond.

    Well, those days are long gone for me and here is why. Let me change your life today and introduce you to my feet’s new best friend, Point6. I can wear one pair of socks for a week, and they smell like a bed of flowers. In fact, after a number of product tests, Point6 socks dry 39% faster than what you are wearing today! Furthermore, my Point6 socks feel like I just bought them off the rack at REI for the first time - soft and smooth, just like they should be!

    Point6 is the world’s greatest sock guarantee, and here's why.

    The genesis of Point6’s name and goal derive from the idea of keeping your body temperature at 98.6. This includes your forgotten body part, your feet. Point6 is the only sock that leverages 37.5 technology that captures and releases moisture vapor to maintain the optimum relative humidity in your microclimate, which helps your body efficiently maintain an ideal core temperature. Volcanic ash is intertwined into 100% high-end merino wool from New Zealand, and there you have it – Introducing the world’s Premier Sock.

    Have you ever heard of them? My bet is no. And that’s why brands like Point6, who have the world’s greatest products, yet are not as well-known as they should be are leveraging Experticity’s unique audience of word of mouth (WOM) influencers to tell the world their unique story. What's more, Point6 is taking a progressive, non-traditional approach to target a key demographic of influencers and will make certified story tellers and believers out of them.

    Take me for instance. Point6 sees me as influencer based on how I am a “chatty Cathy” to my community of friends and family about products I love and because I regularly post pictures showcasing my love of the outdoors. I am authentic, genuine, and am not paid by the brand like many of the people you see online recommending a product. If I have to see one more instagram post of a superficial person highlighting their favorite pair of jeans and asking you to click on a code to buy some, I may cry. Wait, I just cried, again.

    Will everyone in my large extended family be receiving a pair of Point6 socks for the Holidays? You bet. Will they become brand loyal from here on out and likely NEVER buy another brand of socks? You bet. Will hundreds of people on LinkedIn see this post and become curious about non-smelly feet and Point6 Socks? Most certainly.

    Without a doubt, WOM marketing via a group of highly trusted and authentic group is the most optimal way to increase brand equity. Per a study produced by marketing gurus, Keller Faye and University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business, they found:

    1.     Experticity Influencers have 22 times more conversations than a regular consumer.

    2.     Of those conversations, 74% of those conversations are “buy it or try it” and;

    3.     82% of those who receive a recommendation from an Experticity influencer are highly likely to follow that WOM recommendation.

    So, go ahead and buy the greatest socks unrealized by most. They come with a lifetime guarantee and if you plan on walking more than 60,000 miles in them, plan on never having to buy another pair of socks, again. -Thank you, Point6." - Quinn

    Link to original post here.