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    37.5 Preview from P6 Ambassador GR Fielding


    It’s a weird thing to say that's what you’re looking for in a sock, but it’s my first thought. Being in my line of work (engineering) and living in the mountains often gives me opportunities to NOT be dressed for the occasion. It’s common for me to go from a morning site visit in the snow, to a board meeting where things get a bit warm and stuffy, to an afternoon bike ride through the Central Rockies (wait...did he just say snow in the morning and bike in the afternoon? Yeah, welcome to the mountains). 


    I’ve gotten a few months in testing the new socks with 37.5 technology from Point6, and I have to say I’m impressed. It took a while of wearing the new socks to notice, because I wasn't noticing anything...but I guess that's the point. After a few weeks I said to myself, "man, my feet feel good!"  I'm looking forward to expanding the quiver of 37.5 technology socks. The merino and 37.5 together is going to be a pair hard to beat.



    Point6 socks featuring 37.5 technology are set to launch in Spring 2017.