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    playground stories: comfort theory takes point6 on the te araroa

    The Comfort Theory recently trekked across the entirety of New Zealand on the Te Araroa trail, and took Point6 along for the ride. Here are a few of the stories and amazing photos they collected during the journey.


    "I just hiked the length of New Zealand. Very few pieces of gear made it the entire 5 1/2 months, 1,800 miles, and two islands. Not only did my Point 6 socks make it the entire country, but they kept me dry the entire way - through torrential downpours and quickly drying after fording in rivers, these socks were the ultimate survivors."

    "One night on Te Araroa we were hit by an unforgiving rain storm. Everything was soaked - especially my Point 6 socks that I somehow forgot to take off my tent porch and bring inside. I tied them to pack and walked for an hour. Then, like magic, they were dry. I put them on and walked through the day, blissful and blisterless. These socks are miracle workers."

    "New Zealand's elements are downright unpredictable. My Point 6 socks weathered every storm. My clothing and shoes would have holes in them, but my socks were always hole-less. Even when we had to trudge through knee-high rivers, I somehow would have dry socks in a matter of hours after my feet being fully submerged."

    "160 days on Te Araroa and I never got one blister. There is one reason for that, and it's Point 6. My shoes were muddy, wet, and gross. But my socks would always recover. They were my true Te Araroa warriors!"