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    Point6 Hits the 2014 Appalachian Trail Days

    Point6 loaded up the van and headed cross-country from Steamboat Springs, Colorado to Damascus, Virginia for the 2014 AT Trail Days. Our journey began at 6:30 in the morning in a complete white out snowstorm, and ended in blue skies and 80° weather. 


    Day 1, we drove 14 hours and camped at Finger Lakes State Park in Missouri. We shared the wool love along our journey, giving socks to those who pointed us in the right direction (not to say that we were often lost, haha!) and to the helpful staff at various restaurants and hotels. 


    Day 2, we drove 9 hours until we arrived at Natural Bridge State Park in Kentucky, along the Red River Gorge (an extremely popular climbing area). We arrived around dusk, jumped out of the van and started our hike to the natural bridge. I don’t think we realized our fear of snakes until the ranger told us to watch out for rattlesnakes and copper heads because they are everywhere! When we reached the natural sandstone arch, spanning 78 feet and 65 feet tall, we had a beautiful view that stretched for miles.


    Day 3, we finished our 1,600 mile drive, and finally reached Damascus! Over the next three days we met some amazing thru-hikers, locals and vendors. The weekend started out wet and cold, therefore getting some dry wool socks on hikers' feet was our number one priority. The Hiking Tech mini crews and Hiking Core medium flew off the shelves. Our medium Ski socks were even in high demand to serve as warm wool sock for sleeping. 


    Thru-hikers are such a fun group of passionate individuals, willing to open up and share their stories, and had the craziest trail names! AT Trail Days was a huge success for Point6, we enjoyed every minute of it. By the end of the event everyone was either wearing Point6 socks or had a sticker on their water bottle. The South provided delicious fried food and beautiful views of the dense green Appalachian Mountains.



    And while we greatly enjoyed getting out of the office to spread the wool, it's always a pleasure to return to our home in beautiful Colorado.