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    Point6 Steps Up to Support Soles4Souls

    Point6 is proud to show its continued support for Soles4Souls, a global non-profit that collects donated footwear and distributes them to people in need around the world. Point6 extends that commitment this month with a substantial donation of new merino wool socks that will directly support people in need.

    Footwear is a basic human necessity that promotes equality and opportunity across all of humanity. New footwear can provide an adult with the confidence needed to find a job, just as children need proper fitting footwear to participate in school, sports and social activities.



    Soles4Souls distributes shoes and clothing in two ways: giving directly to people in need, both in the US and overseas, and by selling to carefully selected micro-enterprise organizations in countries like Haiti where there are virtually no jobs to generate personal income. Through the collection and sale of used (and new) clothing and shoes, Soles4Souls helps create self-sustaining jobs that generate desperately needed revenues throughout those communities.



    On October 10, 2014, Point6 will also join Soles4Souls by going barefoot on October 10th. The #Barefoot4Them campaign was designed to raise awareness for the 400 million children who live in extreme poverty. Making the choice to live one day without shoes and go barefoot represents those who have been affected by wearing inadequate footwear.