merino power multiplied

the best wool socks ever...just got better

Wool is already Mother Nature's miracle fiber, and the core to making the perfect performance sock. Add in 37.5 technology to naturally keep you drier even longer, and a whole new level of comfort and performance is achieved.

so how does it work?

the tech behind the perfect sock

37.5 fiber contains active particles that increase the surface area of the fiber, allowing the fiber to use body heat to evaporate moisture in vapor form (BEFORE it becomes sweat). This helps regulate temperature and humidity next to the skin. 37.5 fiber is the perfect match to supercharge performance with our 100% compact spun merino wool.

powerful sock powerful performance

increase athletic output and comfort

37.5 technology has been scientifically shown to increase efficiency and output in athletes by allowing the body to expend less energy on cooling, saving more energy for the adventure at hand.

your feet stay drier longer

maximize evaporationaccelerate dry timenever washes out

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