The Sock Destroyer

August 17, 2015

Point6 Ambassador, Renee "She-ra" Patrick: "They call me the sock destroyer...hiking long trails can do a number on socks, shoes, well, the whole body in general, and I've been known to hike hundreds of miles in threadbare socks.



I always assumed it was me that was to blame; the heels were the first thing to go, worn through by the endless miles of climbing and descending mountains, then it...

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Ambassador Grete's Trip to BC

July 16, 2015

Point6 is thrilled to have a female pioneer in the world of freeskiing as a Point6 Ambassador. Grete Eliassen was the first woman to win the Gold at the X-Games in 2005 in Ski-Halfpipe. She continued to win a total of 6 medals in the X Games, 4 US Open Titles, Red Bull Cold Rush Champion and awarded "Female Skier of The Decade" by Fri Flyt Magazine. Check out her recent ski trip to beautiful...

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Ambassador Natalie DeRatt - Sliding Around Europe

June 22, 2015

"It’s hard to believe sitting in North Carolina’s 90 degree summer, but this past winter marked my first season on USA’s Bobsled Team. As a brakeman, my job is to help push the 400lb sled with my pilot at the start, then jump in and hold on tight till I pull the brakes at the bottom. It’s a wild ride, with no two runs the same, and no two tracks the same. Nonetheless, it’s addicting, exhilarating...

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Chasing Snow- Ambassador David's Photo Blog

June 12, 2015

Ambassador David "Powder" Steele is chasing the snow! Follow his adventure to Vulture Peak and Granite Park through more at

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Ambassadors Heather Gollnick's Sock Collection...

June 09, 2015

A sock for every season! As a professional triathlete and 5x Ironman champion, Ambassador Heather Gollnick thinks making the decision of which sock matches her “inner athlete” on any particular day is an important call - thankfully she thinks Point6 makes it easy.

"On a ski day I may have a few different choices: First, I wear the Ski Enziansock for skinning up Mt. Werner with one of my besties...

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Adam Roberts Skier

May 15, 2015

"This year was not the best winter for most people in the Pacific Northwest. However, I was lucky enough and willing enough to have the time and energy to find the snow. My ski season started in early October, getting some turns up on Mt. Baker. This is always the most exciting time of year, waiting for the snow to really build up. We had a few good early days in December but there was definitely...

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100 Pitch Birthday Challenge

April 13, 2015

Happy Belated Birthday to Point6 Ambassadors Ooan and Add Kongsingh! Thai climbers and twin brothers celebrate their birthday by climbing 100 pitches each!



"We love climbing, it’s just that simple! I remember after Add and I watched Alex Honnold’s birthday challenge (where he climbs 290 pitches) we became so inspired! I told my brother Add, "We should do something like this man, without the...

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Jup Brown- Running Across the USA

April 06, 2015

"Hello Everyone. It's so awesome to meet you all and I wanted to say a huge hello. My Name is Jup Brown and I'm from New Zealand. I'm so stoked to be an ambassador for Point6. 

You might be thinking what have I been up to well I'm in the middle of running across the US. I started the run on January 16th 2015 at Huntington Beach Pier in California and today I'm taking a day off in Linden Tennessee...

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Brad Johnson Enjoying March Skiing

March 12, 2015

"March Skiing at its best! Part of my training as a mountain guide is backcountry skiing in the San Juan mountains of Colorado. After almost 7 weeks of blue skies and no new snow, the mountains finally received a week long snow storm that dropped 5 feet of snow on Red Mountain pass. Of course a big avalanche cycle followed but now the backcountry skiing is great again. Yeah!! For those long days...

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Running the Grand Canyon - Heather Gollnick

November 19, 2014

Point6 socks help to tackle one of ultra running’s true rites of passage, running the Grand Canyon from Rim2Rim2Rim! Point6 Ambassador, Heather Gollnick and friends began their adventure in the wee hours of the morning heading down the south rim navigating the bright Angel Trail with head lamps lighting the way.  

Heather states, "We took it pretty easy until the most epic sunrise lit up this...

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This Time of Year - Ambassador GR

November 07, 2014

What an exciting time of year! The anxiety grows and some go and ski on strips of white at resorts. Others go and slide on thin bases just above the grass and rocks. Still more go and climb to great lengths to find snowfields and glaciers newly covered with the first snows of the season. I know I've been guilty of all three. 
This year Colorado has been experiencing a uniquely warm fall. It's...

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Ambassador, Brad Johnson in Cordillera Huayhuash

October 15, 2014

Brad Johnson has been guiding trekking and climbing trips in Peru for 28 years. This has been an extremely busy year for Brad’s company Peaks & Places Travel, as Brad has guided a total of five groups. The first two groups went on an 8- day trek around the spectacular Cordillera Huayhuash Mountains. These mountains host the peak called Siula Grande, made famous by the book and movie titled...

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