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    The Best Socks Of Your Life ... Guaranteed

    What do we mean when we say The Best Socks Of Your Life?
    It's a commitment to making the best socks on Earth - All day, every day - and we make it. From sourcing our merino wool from New Zealand, because it's where happy Merino Sheep live, to processing our wool without chlorine, because it's the right thing to do, you can rest assured you are wearing sustainably sourced and processed wool every time you put on a pair of Point6 socks or base layers.
    We also go the extra mile (and pay the extra penny - but don't charge it) to ensure our socks last longer. Unlike some of our competitors' socks that soon fall apart or are durable but too tight, Point6 compact spins its wool (while others ring spin), resulting in extreme durability and extreme cross stretch & softness. This allows us to make guaranteed for LIFE socks that are soft and so nice on your feet. A true hug for your toes :)
    See the difference in the image below.
    Our socks are designed with various sports and uses in mind. Be it a long day in the office or a long day on the trails (hike, bike, run, ski, etc.), Point6 socks have the right cushion and support you need to not have to think about your feet all day.
    We mentioned before that our socks are guaranteed for life. Point6 takes the extra steps in manufacturing to ensure they truly are the best, and as we don't see many return home, the socks that do come home are recycled. We also recycle all manufacturing scrap, seconds and irregulars.
    Last year alone, Point6 donated over 10,000 pairs of socks to underprivileged communities in need.
    Find out why we say we want you to have the Best Socks Of Your Life by trying a pair, and if you already know, tell your friends! We all deserve a life filled with great socks!

    Happy Valentine's Day from Point6