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    Playground Stories: Mountain Photographer

    I love wearing my Point 6 socks while skiing and mountain biking here around Lake Tahoe. While enjoying all these outdoor activities I love to capture them with my camera and a lot of the time that means standing around waiting for the light to change and finding the best possible angle.


    These socks do the best job keeping my feet warm in my ski boots while standing on the side of a mountain or working my around a slope to find the best angle. While mountain biking I don’t like to wear any other sock!


    Being a mountain bike photographer and trying to get the best shot, that usually means going out in all conditions, getting up early for sunrise, staying late for sunset, and it’s usually cold and always varying conditions; that’s why I love my Point 6’s so much with how they keep my feet warm and dry while staying breathable for those long challenging rides to unique locations.




    Check out more of Alex's work at her website, alexsullivanphotography.com, or her instagram page @alex.sullivan.photos.