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    Life on Denali: Women's speed record set

    It wasn't this nice when Point6 Ambassador Savannah Cummins and Katie Bono and company arrived. Actually there were several days of whiteout, when the temperatures didn't get above -5 degrees. Everyone hid in their tents trying to stay warm. According to Savannah.

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    When the storm broke and the sun came out, so did the people and all their of their saturated gear.

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    "People from all over the world, all different languages and cultures, but mostly men.I think Katie Bono and I were camped next to the only other female team at 14K camp while we were there ... crazy right!?" Savannah said.

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    Katie Bono summitted the 20,310-foot Denali peak (North America’s highest) in -40 degree temperatures at 8:46 p.m. Her round-trip time was 21 hours, 6 minutes, set the women’s speed record on the mountain and was the third-fastest time ever recorded on Denali. Point6 Ambassador Savannah Cummins, a photographer/adventurer from Salt Lake City, Utah, was there to document the feat.

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    Find Savannah Cummins online, on Instagram or Facebook. Find Katie Bono on Facebook and Instagram.

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