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    Point6 ambassador becomes only the 2nd woman to complete a Double Triple Crown

    Point6 Ambassador Heather "Anish" Anderson recently completed her second thru-hike of the Continental Divide Trail, this time making her the second woman to ever take a  Double Triple Crown title. (In thru-hiking, a "Triple Crown" means a hiker has completed the CDT, the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail.) Heather shares thoughts on thru-hiking, taking the crown and Point6 socks.


    Hiking the CDT for the second time (first was 2006)

    was a really reflective journey. It was fascinating to see how I had grown both as a hiker and as a human, but also how this still developing trail had changed since I last traveled it.

    It felt new and familiar at the same time. My journey was exploratory as I chose different routes and followed new trail tread, yet the landscapes and the towns were the same. The trek held a certain nostalgia, similar to a homecoming after a long time away.









    Becoming the second woman to complete the Double Triple Crown

    was meaningful in a completely different way than I expected when I first embarked upon the journey. The accomplishment wasn't about checking off a box on a list or beating anyone else to victory. It was really about completing this cycle, circular journey that encompassed my first Triple Crown. It was also about the growth and immense change in my lifestyle and athletic ability that happened on my FKTs (fastest known times) of the AT and PCT.

    The second hikes of each of those trails taught me something unique and beautiful about myself. Hiking the CDT for the second time closed a chapter in my life.

    The Double Triple Crown accomplishment is an outward label on an incredible 4 year journey from former thru-hiker to record setter to full time adventurer.


    I've never had such long lasting and comfortable socks as Point6.

    They've been with me for thousands of miles of running and hiking, and I've never been disappointed in their performance. One single pair alone lasted me 1,000 miles on the CDT - a trail known for chewing up and spitting out gear and hikers, alike.

    Those 1K socks - as I call them now - have been re-purposed into hobo gloves that I love wearing on chilly winter runs and anytime I am feeling nostalgic for the trail.


    Check out these Point6 socks from the Wild Playground Series from which 25% of proceeds from sales go to support the Continental Divide Trail, the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail, as well as other great partners.

    And check out Heather on Instagram @AnishHikes and Facebook @AnishHikes!

    Continental Divide Trail: 3,100 miles

    States traveled through: NM, CO, WY, ID, MT

    Pacific Crest Trail: 2,659 miles

    States traveled through: CA, OR, WA

    Appalachian Trail: 2,181 miles

    States traveled through: GA, NC, TN, VA, WV, MD, PA, NJ, NY, CT, MA, VT, NH, MN