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    Ski Sock Buying Guide


    We all know that winter is creeping up on us yet again. The days are shorter, the air is colder, ski movies are playing, and the water cooler chat has turned from single track to camber. While you’re busy stocking your quiver of gear, boards, and storm chaser apps, don’t forget that one core ingredient that is often overlooked preseason.   Ski socks are sometimes an afterthought when purchasing gear: ski jacket, pants, base layers, helmet, gloves, boots, boards…all critical pieces of equipment, yes, but what is the most common reason for skiers and boarders to call it a day? Cold toes. But it doesn’t need to be that way.   Below, we’ve outlined our high performance ski and board sock options so depending on your boot fit and environment, you can choose the best merino wool sock that will keep you on mountain longer. Happy Feet = Happy Riding

    Ski Ultra Light: This style of ski sock is very thin, offering no cushioning in the leg or foot area. This sock is for riders who sport a very high performance (i.e. tight/low volume) fitting boot with very little “wiggle room”. 

    Try our Ski Phoenix or Ski Blizzard; $18.95

    Ski Pro Light: Designed by boot fitting specialists, the Pro offers a special area of cushioning around the Achilles to hold the heel down in the boot. There is also a light cushion on the shin to absorb vibrations but no additional cushioning in the foot area, so a low volume boot is still an excellent fit with this sock.

    Try our Pro Parallel or Pro Starburst; $20.95

    Ski/Snowboard Light:  Combining the same technical aspects of the Pro, the Ski Light has added insulation in the toe box of the sock as well as light cushioning under the foot. The underfoot cushioning adds some volume within the boot, so make sure you have enough room in your boot for this to be a comfortable fit all day.    

    Try our Ski Light, Snowboard Retro, or Ski In Sync; $21.95 or Kids Ski Light; $14.95

    Ski/Snowboard Medium: Wrap your foot and leg in warmth and coziness with the Ski Medium.  This is our thickest ski sock as it has added cushioning around the leg, around the foot, and in the toe box.  A must have for seriously cold temperatures. This sock adds significant volume to your boot, so if you need to absorb a little volume in your boot for better performance, this sock is an excellent choice.

    Try our Ski Stripes, Ski Freefall, or Snowboard Gnargyle; $22.95 or Kids Ski Stripe; $14.95