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    Hiking the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island with Point6

    We recently caught up with Point6 fan, David Sorely, director of marketing for Goddess Garden Organics, on his experiences hiking the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island with his trusty merino wool Point6 Celliant socks. 


    Hiking the West Coast Trail along the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of Vancouver Island with my brother proved to be far more challenging than we had expected. While I am well versed in trekking as I had attempted the Mt Everest Base camp trek and have competed 17 of 54 of Colorado’s 14,000 foot peaks, this 7 day, 75 km (46 miles) hiking trip proved to be more physically and emotionally taxing than we had planned.



    With varying terrain of soft sandy beaches, mossy rocks, spongy west forest roots and slippery logs, and over 80 ladders extending 200+ feet high and rainy conditions, one thing made this trek possible. I am convinced it was due to the great quality of Point6’s Celliant socks, which proved to be comfortable, warm, and caused no blisters. These premium merino wool socks are designed with sports-specific comfort for maximum performance, while the natural temperature regulating properties of merino wool kept our feet warm and dry. Point6’s socks are made using compact spun yarns, which make them 25% more durable than most traditional merino wool hiking socks.



    My brother and I witnessed emergency evacuations due to “trench foot” and blisters that many fellow hikers had endured. They say that many accidents are caused due to excess pack weight, and wearing the wrong footwear. I would not do any kind of hiking now without Point6’s Celliant Merino wool socks.