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    The Sock Destroyer

    Point6 Ambassador, Renee "She-ra" Patrick: "They call me the sock destroyer...hiking long trails can do a number on socks, shoes, well, the whole body in general, and I've been known to hike hundreds of miles in threadbare socks.



    I always assumed it was me that was to blame; the heels were the first thing to go, worn through by the endless miles of climbing and descending mountains, then it was the sole of the sock, the fibers wearing down to a see-through pattern, then inevitably a hole would form in the toe box, did I neglect to cut my toenails short enough? Were my shoes too tight?

    Fortunately I learned on my current thru-hike of the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) that I don't have problem feet, I was just wearing problem socks.



    I started the CDT on April 14 this year; my eigth long distance trail was a long time in coming...I had been dreaming and scheming of sleeping in the dirt and hiking 20-30 miles a day for years, and was pleasantly surprised in how far gear technology had come since my first thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2002.

    Armed with two pairs of Point6 socks: the Active Life Lite Micro and the oh so cute Mixed Stripe Light Mini Crew, I found myself unable to wear them out. Even though the desert sand seemed to permeate everything, even though my sweaty, soft, uncalloused feet had a hard time getting used to the miles, the socks held up.

    I hiked across New Mexico, up sandstone mesas, through the stunning cliffs near Ghost Ranch, through some lingering winter snow, and the socks would just not wear out.

    I sent myself another set to a resupply stop in northern New Mexico, expecting holes and threadbare patches, but I really didn't need them.

    Heading into Colorado I left the desert far behind, and this time gave my gear a run for its money in the feet of snow that had fallen in the unusually wet spring. I ended up skiing some of the divide, and when I finally started hiking again, still had several sections of deep postholing...sometimes it felt like I was practically swimming through the snow.

    The socks held up.

    Needless to say I was impressed.

    Wyoming's miles came easy...after a few months on trail we hikers approach what I like to call machine status. I hiked through the Great Divide Basin and into the Wind River Range...up to Yellowstone and even made a side trip into the Tetons.

    It is now mid-summer, and I have Montana left to go...the almost 3,000 mile trail has been one of the most challenging trips I have ever taken, but it has been well worth the blood, sweat, and tears.


    From the ritious colors of wildflowers in the mountains to the curious wild horses of Wyoming's Great Divide Basin, each day brings the potential for exciting wildlife encounters and stunning vistas.

    Canada looms, and once I reach the northern terminous in Glacier National Park and finish hiking the triple crown of long distance trails, I'll truely be proud to wear my triple crown socks. That's right, Point6 supports our three long distance trails with their AT, PCT, and CDT Light Crew Socks. With 25% of the sale of each pair going back to the respective trail organizations, they really prove their commitment to the hiking community...not only in making the best hiking socks out there, but ensuring the longevity and future of these spectacular trails.

    The Continental Divide Trail has been an experience in determination, perseverance, and just plain hard work at times, and now I'm not known as a sock destroyer, but as a thru-hiker living each day to its fullest."