Responsible wool sourcing

responsible wool sourcing

direct relationships with multi-generational family farms

highest standards of animal welfare and land management

commitment to environmental protection

Wool source

straight to the source

Point6 has developed direct relationships with merino wool farmers in New Zealand on family-run sheep stations. These farmers hand-select wool for Point6 according to strict fiber specifications. Our sheep are raised according to the highest standards of animal welfare with ample food, comfort, and shelter provided in a disease and distress-free environment. We regularly visit our family-run farms to visit our farmers and happy sheep.

naturetexx® plasma

the most sustainable way to process merino

Wool source

Naturetexx plasma clean uses only air and plasma, powered by renewable energy, to make merino wool machine washable and super soft. Naturetexx is the ecological alternative to the industry standard merino wool processing, a process called superwashing, that uses chlorine and water to process the merino wool fibers.

Responsible wool sourcing

made in the USA

designed, knit, headquartered in USA

We invested in state-of-the-art technology so we could make the best wool products right here in the USA at competitive prices. Our products are designed and tested in the extreme conditions of the Rockies where we’re headquartered and woven in our mills in the Appalachian Mountains in the Southeast. These areas were once where the majority of clothing was manufactured for the US and we’re proud to be part of bringing back high quality, technical manufacturing to these mills.

sock life cycle recycling

recycling program

When you’re ready to update your sock wardrobe, send your old socks to us, and we’ll send them to be recycled. As a bonus: you get 30% off your next purchase.


manufacturing scrap

Scrap wool recycled to produce blankets used during disaster relief.

irregular socks

Mishaps during manufacturing benefit underprivileged communities.

giving back to communities

Point6 supports communities in need with donations, sponsorships and more. From donating recycled socks to the homeless to providing product for silent auctions, membership drives and volunteer parks. Point6 understands and beleives in its responsibility to support those who need it. If you know of a person or group that could use Point6 socks, feel free to email us!

Giving back to communities

wild playground series gives 25% back

Each sock from our series benefits its partner and allows your and Point6 to make a difference with every purchase.

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