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    Base Glove



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    JOE V
    Excited to try them!

    I finally purchased these gloves when Point6 put them on sale. Unfortunately they only had the large size which had kept me from purchasing in the past. With the discount, I thought I'd take a chance on them. I do not have a large hand but the large will do, not a tight fit but okay. However, with temps reaching 104 degrees this week I doubt that I'll be willing to give them a try. Can't wait until fall/winter to give them a go. I expect they will work for my walks/hikes in Oklahoma.

    Perfect Every Day Glove

    I have used this from snowmobiling and pistol training on the range to just going into town. I went ahead and bought two more to have in different locations just in case I forget them. The rubber patches for the phone eventually will fall off as they all do, but the warmth and feel they provide cannot be beat. If there was one bad thing about them it would they are slightly small and L/XL are as big as they go.

    Douglas Droge

    Wish I would have had a pair years ago. It allows me to feel with my fingers what I am doing without having too go to bare skin.

    Mason Parker

    Got a pair for my dad whos hands are always cold due to taking blood thinners. Little thin gloves arent his thing because theyre never warm and usually get cold/wet. These changed his mind. He loves them. Im waiting for them to come back in stock in the smaller size and Ill be getting a few more pairs. Id love to see point 6 expand its Glove/shirt/Hat offerings. Maybe blankets, bedding Jackets etc. Their quality is high enough that I'd love to be able to get that stuff from them also.

    Nick Novick
    Solid liner glove

    I got these in the large/extra-large size. My hand measures 9.25 inches around the widest part (base of fingers/knuckles) and 7.5 inches from base of palm to tip of middle finger. The large/extra large is close to a perfect fit for me. My fingers are somewhat short for my palm size (and height), so the usual problem for me is that many gloves that are large enough for my palm have to much length in the fingers, but not so with these. Or, in other words, if you have longer/longish fingers, these might not have enough finger length for you.

    I'd call these a medium-weight liner glove, intended as a bit of insulation when it's cool, for active use in moderately cold conditions, or as a base layer under a heavier glove or shell when it's colder. Some reviews complaining about how it's not warm enough seem to expect this to be something it isn't.

    That said, they are a bit heavier than the thinnest liner gloves i've seen, so they are a bit warmer than one might expect when worn on their own in moderately cool temperatures.

    The weave of the material seems designed to be very resistant to snagging or pulling, a common problem in some liner gloves i've used. No issues at all yet with that.

    Only real downside so far it that the rubber-like touch-screen pads on the index fingers and thumbs do not work at all on my iphone XR with a screen protector. And, if they did work, the rubber offers enough resistance on the screen that swiping might be problematic.

    Holding back a star for that, plus i haven't had them long enough to evaluate durability. Have only been wearing them now and then for a few months. I liked the first pair enough that i got a second pair on sale.