sock experts

Explain what your role at point6 is...
Sales/Marketing Coordinator. I make sure you know where and how to get the latest and greatest Point6 has to offer!

Favorite point6 socks? Why?
Hmmm ... Only picking one is tough. In over the calf length I love our lace OTC, but we're about to have some really cool new designs drop, so that could change. For crew length, I love our Wild Playground series, because both the sock and the purchase feel good and warm and fuzzy. And in minicrew/noshow length I love the peak socks, the design is just the bees knees.

Favorite thing to do while wearing them?
Another toughy, anything outdoors. I love biking, hiking, paddling the river when it's still chilly and you need socks and shoes to be outside, snowboarding, golfing, skinning, camping. We have a sock for every activity, so there's just too much to narrow down :)

Best vacation spot you have taken your point6 socks to? Or where would you like to take them in the world?
So far the best place I've taken them is to Moab, but they have a lot of travel in store for them ... to be continued.

Favorite inspirational quote?
The mountains are calling, and I must go.

Favorite local spot to wear your point6 socks?
Currently: Yampa River. Once it's warmer/drier: on Haymaker Golf Course, Then when it starts to snow again, anywhere in our super-fun backcountry.

When you leave the point6 office, what are you up to?
Paddleboarding, playing with my puppy, biking, hiking, finding an adventure to embark on that I haven't tried locally yet (there are so many here).

If you could take your point6 socks anywhere in the world where would you go?
Bora Bora, New Zealand, Grecce, Seychelles, the list goes on and on. They deserve to go everywhere.

Favorite bit of wool trivia…
Merino fibers absorb and retain up to 30% of its own weight in moisture and can still feel dry to the touch, so your feet will be more comfortable, longer letting you play as long as you would like.

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