sock experts

Explain what your role is at Point6

Financial manager, Customer Service Representative


Favorite Point6 socks? Why?

The Blizzard Ultra Light in Black. They are perfect for skiing, but I also wear them when I go camping.


Favorite Thing to do while wearing them?

Ski, but even more so, Apres-Ski


Best vacation spot you have taken your point6 socks to? Or where would you like to take them in the world?

Skiing in Val-d’Isere, France


Favorite inspirational quote?

The only zen you’ll find on mountain tops is the zen you bring up there with you – Alan Watts.


Favorite local spot to wear your point6 socks?

Pearl Lake


When you leave the point6 office, what are you up to?

Yoga, skiing, biking, hiking, enjoying happy hour


If you could take your point6 socks anywhere in the world where would you go?



Favorite bit of wool trivia…

Hilton Barrett holds the record for fastest time to shear a sheep at 39.31 seconds

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Women's Base Layers

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Men's Base Layers 

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Unisex Socks

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