photo: Brittany Mumma

Savannah grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio. Weekends throughout her childhood were spent playing in the creek behind her house, hunting for salamanders and catching frogs. When she was 16, her parents sent her on her first ‘real’ outdoor experience, camping and canoeing in the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota. This trip was an eye opening experience for Savannah. She experienced some beautiful places and realized how much she enjoyed the simplicity of life outside. Since then, Savannah has committed to combining her passion for the outdoors, with her profession.

Savannah has never been an exceptional writer, actress, or painter, but when she picked up a camera for the first time, photography opened a door to the perfect place for her to express her creative side. Capturing still shots and video are both amazing ways to tell a story and freeze a beautiful moment in time in a way that can be revisited over and over again. Savannah has a strong passion for rock and ice climbing, both of which tend to take her to some far away places that not many people get to experience.

Savannah's favorite socks: Ski Christie Light OTC and Running Breeze.

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