Jeff “IBTAT” Oliver grew up roaming the woods, often alone, as a young kid in Michigan. He soon found himself going down a destructive path of alcoholism that lasted nearly 15 yrs. In 2013, while living in Montana, he decided to take his life back by laying down the booze permanently. With Glacier National Park as a backyard, he used hiking as a way of staying sober and quickly found himself “savedbymountains”. He then moved to North Carolina and discovered the Appalachian Trail.  After section hiking the AT for a couple yrs, he decided to set his sights higher. Not only did he want to hike the entire 2190 mile Appalachian Trail, he wanted to Thru Hike all three National Scenic Trails. With 2/3 of that goal behind him with a completion of the AT ‘18 and PCT ‘19, he is currently planning the last leg of his journey of the CDT. Jeff is also an avid photographer/videographer and has spent his last two thru-hikes with camera in hand, documenting his journeys on Instagram and YouTube. Jeff hopes to inspire those battling alcoholism/addiction to take back their own lives with the help of Mother Nature, and find themselves also, “savedbymountains”. Jeff currently resides in Maine, where he is planning his Thru Hike of the CDT. 

Instagram: @savedbymtns

Favorite Point6 Sock: Hiking Light Crew or Hiking Medium Crew

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