GR Fielding

GR Fielding

After growing up at a 400 foot vertical ski area in upstate New York, G.R. moved to Colorado and started enjoying skiing the big mountains of the Rockies. After time in the front range of Colorado he moved to Aspen and got involved in freeskiing 'extreme' events around the Rocky Mountains as both a competitor and announcer. Through those experiences he got involved with being an athlete, ambassador, and model for photo and video shoots for various sponsors.


When G.R. isn't skiing, or being a local engineering official, he enjoys mountain biking, hiking, and spending time with his daughter and wife. G.R. is looking forward to passing on to Kaia (his daughter) the love of skiing.


GR's Favorite Sock: Ski Pro Light OTC


"Any day I put on my ski socks I'm pretty stoked! This sock has the trifecta: warm, thin, and comfortable."

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