rachael pohl

rachel pohl

Rachel Pohl is a local artist from Bozeman, Montana, and just really enjoys being outside. She grew up exploring wild places with her family, and has been telling stories of her adventures through color and imagery since she was a toddler. A sample of her favorite outdoor activities includes skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, climbing, and rollerblading. Rachel acquired a BFA in painting at MSU Bozeman in December.

Rachel Pohl travels to pursue her athletic and artistic passions, but will always call Montana home. She loves to paint in peculiar places, like base camps, moving vehicles, backcountry huts and especially loves hiking her paints into the mountains to work. Rachel has recently taken up mural painting, shows in galleries, sells prints and collaborates with various brands to create colorful, wearable art. Her vibrant, stylized landscapes divulge tales of adventure, gratitude, and the fleeting nature of seasons and light. 

"My work explores my relationship with wild places. I paint recognizable landscapes in vibrant colors, focusing on undulating clouds, swirling color and dazzling light. Painting alpenglow-bathed powder is as meaningful as much as skiing those same pristine slopes, but in a different, quiet way. I've found a happy balance between the dynamic experience of outdoor recreation and painting the feelings of that place back in my studio. I imbue my paintings with a sense of excitement and awe and that encompass how we feel in the mountains: infinite, inspired, and fulfilled."

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