Ooan Add

Suradet Ooan & Surachet Add Kongsingh

Twin brothers who from  Chiang Mai, Thailand, Suradet & Surachet Kongsingh are passionate rock climbers and have been sport and trad for one decade. Suradet and Surachet spent some time in Colorado. Both are rock climbing instructors holding a single pitch instructor certification of the AMGA program and facilitators in Thailand. They private guide and provide experiential education and corporate group programs. Climbing has given them the opportunity to travel, meet people from around the world and inspire themselves and others to push the limits. Climbing provides them with the opportunity to train both their mind and body. The brothers are interested in wilderness and spreading the magic of climbing to Thailand.


Favorite Socks: HT Extra Light Mini &
Running Ultra Light Micro


"I really like the design of these two socks and a thin sock is perfect for Thailand's hot and humid environment."
- Suradet
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