Naresh Kumar

Naresh Kumar (@iamarunr) is an adventurer, mountaineer, endurance athlete, speaker and randonneur on long distance, human-powered journeys using a minimalist and light approach.

Born and raised in India, Naresh studied to be an electronic engineer and landed in Silicon Valley as a tech consultant. 

In 2010, Naresh ran his first trail marathon and a passion was born. He ventured into the Ultra-marathon world throughout North America. He ran the Last Annual Vol State Road Race 500 km and won the race in the unsupported category. Testing his limits, Naresh began flying solo and charted his own adventure races all over the world. In 2014, he quit his corporate day job in the USA to pursue a simpler, more joyful existence. Naresh received a resident visa in New Zealand where he started his new life. Upon entering the country, he ran the Te Araroa trail -- a trail that runs the length of NZ  (3054km) unsupported in 87 days. He was the runner-up for the Wilderness Outdoor Hero of the Year for this feat.

"Live-small, adventure-lots" is his motto. 

Naresh is in the process of publishing his book about his Te Araroa run in NZ focusing on the lovely hospitality and the random acts of kindness he received from fellow Kiwis. He travels around the world for adventure, while raising awareness for and campaigning against sex trafficking, a cause that’s very close to his heart.

When not on an adventure, Naresh designs for Bedrock Sandals, and works for Small Planet Sports in Queenstown, NZ. He also travels around the country as a motivational speaker, inspiring young adults with his message “It’s Possible”.

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