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    Why is Point6 committed to using merino wool in all its socks?

    Point6 merino wool founders Peter and Patty Duke know wool is nature's miracle fiber. They believe that life's boundaryless adventures start one step at a time, and those steps are made more enjoyable wrapped in the comfort and performance of merino wool socks. Point6 goes to great lengths to use the highest content of the perfect micron thickness of merino wool in all its hiking socks, running socks, cycling socks and everyday awesome socks, and here's why:

    Running socks, hiking socks, temperature regulating merino wool

    1. Merino wool is naturally temperature regulating.

    Merino wool maintains the air's temperature in your foot's microclimate (the space between your foot and sock), thus keeping your ideal core body temperature more stable no matter the conditions outside (keeping your body cooler in warm climates and warmer in cold climates). Maintaining ideal core body temperature allows athletes to perform longer with less lactic acid build up in their muscles to slow them down.

    Breathable merino wool socks most breathable

    2. Merino wool is naturally breathable.

    As your body gets warmer, the wool fiber absorbs moisture and releases it to the drier environment outside the fabric. This releases heat and keeps you dry and comfortable throughout your adventure or day in the office. Dry feet are happy (and less stinky) feet!

    moisture wicking merino wool socks

    3. Merino wool is naturally moisture wicking.

    The water repelling exterior and water holding interior of merino wool move sweat and moisture away from the skin and release it as vapor better than synthetics and much better than cotton. This active moisture management lowers the humidity in the microclimate. This keeps you comfortable longer and eliminates or reduces bacteria growth that can occur if your feet stay too moist.

    odor free merino wool socks

    4. Merino wool is naturally odor resistant.

    The natural properties of merino wool keep socks stink-free longer. Our ambassadors have logged some pretty long treks in only one pair of socks, and the socks stayed odor free.

    merino wool is good for the environment

    5. Merino wool is good for the environment.

    Unlike synthetics, merino wool is natural and biodegradable, so when our wool socks do get to the end of their life, they will break down more quickly than synthetics. In addition to merino wool being naturally good for the environment, we process our merino in an innovative way (Naturetexx Plasma Clean) that completely eliminates dangerous chemicals from the industry-standard wool cleaning process.

    Merino wool is great for all seasons, and merino wool socks are great for all activities. If keeping cool or warm, staying dry, not getting blisters, having feet that smell good all day and choosing fabric that is better for the environment are priorities in your sock choice, let us hug your feet with our boundaryless comfort and performance. Point6 merino wool socks are the high-performance choice for any athlete, worker and outdoorsman or woman. Stay drier, do more and go farther with Point6 socks.