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    Lance Ness


    Lance Ness aka "Backwardshatforwardsthinking"

    Most people who love the outdoors, grow up with an introduction at an early age. For Lance, aka Backwards Hat, this was not the case. It wasn't until just before his 30th birthday that he fell in love with hiking trails and outdoor adventures. Living in Houston, Texas at the time, Lance hiked the Lone Star Hiking Trail (twice), kayaked, and hiked any trails he could find. With limited public land in the large state, he began to head west on road trips, where the Rocky Mountains fueled his love even more. The desire to spend more time on trails and push his comfort zone, landed him on the Appalachian trail the following year. Lance decided to quit his 6 figure sales job and move into his parents house in PA to prepare for the trail. 

    Lance and his rescue dogs live in a 30 foot camper traveling between seasons and visiting iconic places. He has over 5,000 trail miles logged and continues to seek outdoor adventures and long distance trails. More than anything, Lance loves being connected to the outdoor community. His passion is to connect with people and encourage them to go outdoors. He is a mental health advocate and not afraid to discuss his own stories and struggles. “Men think they are weak to share emotions and feelings. Rather just the opposite. It takes a brave strong man to admit when he needs help or is struggling. Real men share their feelings.”

    Lance's Point6 recommendations:

    My favorite sock is any of the 37.5 merino wool designs. When I’m not barefoot or in flip flops, I’m always rocking a pair of 37.5 whether low or mid level. They dry quick and breath better than any other sock I’ve tried!