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    Heather Baudet

    Heather is a mother, doctor and researcher and also teaches at the medical school at University of North Carolina.  She has always loved the outdoors and could ski as soon as she could walk. She claims to chase winter for skiing!  Heather started mountain biking about 4 years ago after she suffered a long recovery from an illness as she needed to find an exercise that could get her back in shape.  To Heather, mountain biking iss the perfect mix of interval training that her body needed in order to heal.  Not only did it help immensely, but she also found a whole new world of supportive, fun, and amazing women to ride with.  She was hooked from ride #1!  Not really knowing what she was doing, or where she should go to ride, she started a facebook group to connect and meet local women riders.  The group started with only 3 women that she convinced to join.  It has now grown to include over 700 women in the area.  Mountain biking has become an awesome adventure that Is never boring.  Heather is a certified MTB coach and she really enjoys teaching beginners the basic foundational skills of riding and all the things that she wishes she knew when she was starting out. She's looking forward to see where biking and her many other outdoor adventures will take her this year!  A constant goal of Heather's is to keep improving and empowering others to learn something new.


    Instagram: @hgbpics